Chapter 15. Office Book

An office book, also known as corporate stationery, refers to a set of office carriers such as business cards, letterheads, pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, and envelopes.
This set is almost a must-have in any technical specification, although in the age of information technology, Zoom, and remote meetings, some of these carriers are finding new alternatives.
For instance, the traditional business card has been replaced with a card featuring a QR code that allows users to access a website or start a conversation in a messenger instantly. Pens and pencils have been substituted with branded sticker packs. Even the background in Zoom meetings can be branded to give clients the feeling of being in your office's full-fledged conference room.
Branding office carriers and promotional items significantly contribute to the overall brand image. It enhances brand recognition and strengthens the connection with the target audience. Here are several key advantages of branding office carriers and promotional items:
1. Brand Promotion
Branded items are an effective means of spreading the brand. When office employees use branded items in their daily work or clients receive branded souvenirs, it creates repeated interaction with the brand and enhances brand recognition.
2. Strengthening Brand Affiliation
Branded office products help create a sense of belonging and attachment to the company. Employees using such items demonstrate loyalty and become part of the corporate culture.
3. Professional Image
Branded office products such as notebooks, folders, pens, etc., contribute to a professional appearance in the workplace. This helps create a positive impression of the company among clients, partners, and visitors.
4. Effective Marketing Tool
Branded souvenirs can be used as a marketing tool to attract new clients. Distributing souvenirs with the company's logo at events or exhibitions helps increase brand recognition and leaves a positive impression.
5. Customer Loyalty Support
Branded souvenirs can be a pleasant addition to a product or service and contribute to customer retention. When clients receive high-quality and attractive souvenirs, it creates positive associations with the brand and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases.
Branding office carriers and promotional items play a crucial role in creating a positive impression of the brand among employees, clients, and other stakeholders. It helps strengthen the company's image, attract new clients, maintain loyalty, and establish a unified visual style. Therefore, investing in branding office carriers and promotional items is an important step for a company seeking to strengthen its brand and achieve success.

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