Branding: Guide for dummies

This book is written by a seasoned practitioner with extensive experience in marketing, business, and branding. Its purpose is to deconstruct the concept of branding into its components - what constitutes a brand, the stages involved in the branding process, and why branding is essential for modern businesses.
This book is not a textbook or a manual. It represents a distilled practical experience of the author in branding and marketing.
Entrepreneurs and managers at all levels
Students studying advertising, PR, and marketing
Marketing and advertising professionals
Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and creativity


Dmitry Kilev, CEO, Art Director
CEO, Kilev Lab
I had been nurturing the idea for this book for quite some time. My experience working with clients in my agency showed that customers have a rather vague understanding of what branding is. The purpose of this book is to provide fundamental knowledge about branding and to explain how it is an immensely powerful marketing tool. I anticipate that the result of reading this book will be an educated entrepreneur who comprehends the purpose of branding for their company and how to effectively wield this tool.

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