Chapter 19. Branded Merchandise

Workwear has long become commonplace due to its industrial necessity. Having branded merchandise has become a part of creating a cohesive brand image, adding respectability and reliability in the eyes of customers.
Company cars deliver products with branded merchandise, couriers in branded caps, vests, and polo shirts hand over packages to their customers. In beauty salons, reception managers wear branded blouses, and waiters wear branded aprons. All of this has become commonplace relatively recently. Branded merchandise has become a sign of a company's status and level.
Here are several tasks that businesses can accomplish with the help of branded merchandise
Enhancing the status (trust, loyalty) in the eyes of customers
Differentiating (distinguishing signs) company employees
Rewarding employees (gifts, incentives, loyalty)
Representational functions (exhibitions, forums, seminars)
Setting apart from competitors in style and color
There are no strict rules or recommendations for branding clothing. I would recommend paying attention to simplicity of production and fabric quality. The more complex the design, the more challenging it will be for future production. Before approving any specific design, make sure that you can reproduce it in real production and at what cost. Designers are creative individuals, and they often create layouts that are complex and costly to produce.

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