Chapter 24. Branding Cosmetology Salons and Cosmetic Products

This industry has become super competitive over the last 10 years. Every month, if not every day, new beauty salons, nail salons, and cosmetic procedures emerge. More and more businesswomen face the problem: how to name their beauty salon? All names related to goddesses of beauty have long been registered. The word "beauty" in various combinations has been overused. Just like in the Soviet Union, there was no city without a "Builders" street; now, in Russia, there's no city without a beauty salon with the "beauty" prefix.
The desire to stand out from the rest of the market and have a unique trademark is strong among the owners of this business more than ever. I repeat, you need to search for a story, not just an idea for a name. In this field, creating personal brands works great. Typically, women are involved in this business. If your last name is easy to pronounce and doesn't have obvious negative associations, why not name the brand after your surname? Don't be shy!
This path was taken by the West and Europe 50 years ago. In essence, even a restaurant like "Uncle Vanya's" is a personal brand. Some may find it immodest or tacky, but our experience and portfolio show that you can package names like Blimke, Manstein, Tsoi, and even Kilev very well. Personal stories intrigue and generate interest; they always offer metaphors and ideas for the elements of brand identity.
A Bit of Philosophy
What is the beauty that women seek so much?
It's being in demand. It's admiration. The ability to make a woman beautiful is branding in its own right. Highlighting uniqueness, finding individual style, presenting it through hairstyles, makeup, and necessary procedures. I don't want to talk about the lowbrow part of the industry that makes women look alike. That's actually anti-branding. I'm talking about a professional approach. It's about seeing in every woman what sets her apart from everyone else and expressing it through cosmetology means.
The methodical and thoughtful creation of a platform for the future brand is a philosophy that reveals meanings, a psychology that satisfies needs, and an economy that adds value by creating the necessary brand image. Therefore, when creating an idea for a cosmetology service brand, I advise you to seek inspiration in philosophy and psychology.
In this same chapter, I will also talk about the peculiarities of branding for cosmetic products. There can be several starting points: personal brand (the personal story of the cosmetologist who created their own line of cosmetics), main product (the core of the cosmetic line or a single product), primary active ingredient or original formula (e.g., iodine in "Yodametics"), production approach (BioSNK - high-tech name through a brand in the form of a formula), naturalness (the company's policy regarding ingredients), method of application, unique color palette (for decorative cosmetics), historical figures and makeup icons, contemporary art, and many other sources from which you can draw an inspiring story for your future cosmetic brand.
A brand book for a beauty salon may include the following elements:
Office book: business cards, letterhead, envelope, pen, pencil
Marketing kit: a presentation about the project for investors
Catalog with service prices
Signage and branded interior design
Towels, aprons, napkins, coffee cups
Promotional video presentation of the project
Souvenir products
Branded merchandise for the staff
Design of packaging for own products
Website design and social media presence
Creatives for advertising campaigns

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