Chapter 28. Branding Security Companies, Legal, Accounting, and Financial Services

These industries share conservatism, which is why I have grouped them together. Although the financial services market is heavily segmented, and branding for microloans significantly differs from branding for industry giants like banks.
Let's start with security companies. In Russia, such companies are often owned by individuals with backgrounds in state law enforcement agencies, accustomed to the familiar system of state identity: shields, swords, coats of arms, and spears. However, these companies also strive to appear modern and technologically advanced. This need gives rise to a demand for rebranding or a "soft" redesign of outdated logos, the development of corporate identity, and websites.
These industries are characterized by dark and threatening colors, strict minimalist fonts, restraint, and formality in everything. To distinguish within this context, segmentation of security services into online and offline could serve as a starting point. Online security could resemble the IT industry genre, while offline could retain modernized symbols of protection. In this field, personal branding could have its place, although security agency owners are not used to publicizing themselves due to the nature of their work.
The legal and financial sectors are very similar in their conservatism and the identity of services provided. In these areas, it is challenging to stand out with uniqueness; rather, the emphasis is on the quality of service, expressed through speed of customer service, application processing, precision, reputation cleanliness, etc. In these industries, personal branding can be confidently utilized, as the reputation of such companies is often built around the personality and connections of the founder.
In the market of financial services, aside from the giants, there are smaller players: mortgage brokers, auto lending, microloans, and others. They, like waves, fill the market reality with the same needs as in other industries: to highlight their uniqueness and differentiate themselves from other market participants.
A brand book for security companies, legal, accounting, and financial services may include the following elements:
A brand book for security companies, legal, accounting, and financial services may include the following elements:
Office book: business cards, letterhead, envelope, pen, pencil, folder, badges
Marketing kit with service descriptions and prices
Signage and branded office design
Promotional video presentation of the company
Branded merchandise for employees
Branded vehicles
Website design and social media presence
Creatives for advertising campaigns

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