Chapter 31. Branding IT Industry and Cryptocurrency Projects

This industry cannot be called young anymore, but it hasn't established any fixed traditions. Creativity, vibrant colors, and unexpected solutions dominate here. Cryptocurrency projects are sprouting like mushrooms, and their natural essence involves selling stories expressed in digital equivalents. Besides the classic set of branding materials, in this field, it is possible to create custom banknotes or coins.
Online funnels in messengers are branded with unique sticker packs and virtual assistants. Young startups usually request an extensive set of branding materials to create a trustworthy atmosphere of a serious company. After all, the image is what helps them attract investor funds.
The cornerstone of any sale is trust. Branding allows shaping a company's image with relevant semantic and visual tools.
At the initial stages of any such project, they have to present themselves a lot, constantly adjusting the content of the presentation. A marketing kit template comes to the rescue, where any changes can be quickly incorporated.

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