Chapter 34. Conclusion

As I wrap up the description of these final pages, I contemplate how valuable this book will be to those who read it. Perhaps, these insights will provide an overview of the subject and help identify one or several common traits.
Throughout history, people have sold stories. Essential commodities may not need stories, but when faced with the task of choosing from ten brands of toilet paper, a captivating slogan and brand name, like a magical incantation, can open the path to your subconscious, prompting you to reach out and place the package in your basket.
This is how commerce operates; everything matters in the end: color, packaging material, name, style, story, recognizability. Nothing on its own, but together, they can sway the buyer to become loyal and return to your products again and again or pass by without even noticing.
Do you still dream of creating the brand of your dreams that will prosper your family?
Start crafting that story right now; don't delay it. Take a pen or open your laptop with the desire to change this world once and for all. Create your flag, your brand, your set of values! This is how leaders are born – the ones customers trust and whose stories are woven, even by their own children!
Wishing you success!

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