We were reached by the company wishing to develop a concept of a compact bar-restaurant which could be located on the first floor of the 4-star hotel.
Since there was previously a cafe in the current premises of the Bruni bar, some decorative elements and furniture were left to the new owners. Our client wanted to utilize the maximum of the present assets and to make the bar look sleek and fashionable with the least expenses.
We have offered our Customer a concept of the wine bar with an emphasis on sparkling wines. We have given it a light and ironic name - Bruni prosecco bar.


A short bar list comprised of democratically-priced sparkling wines and cocktails and a menu with fusion cuisine which allows to combine popular dishes from all over the globe and to adapt the assortments to any possible market situation.



Logo versions

Approved version of the logo

We have drawn out 5 versions of the logo. Our Customer has chosen the minimalist classic logo with a signature element, the letter ‘i’ with bubbles over it.


The main color pallete has been inspired by the sepia toned photo, which was common back then, but we have emphasized the warmer tone to make the bar atmosphere more tender. Additionaly, the chosen tint reminds us of the sparkling wine, which is, in a way, a reference to the overall idea of the bar.
The composition presets also play around the bubbles image from the logo. They can be implemented as a standalone graphic element as well as a frame for a photo. Each preset includes a bigger bubble functioning as an optional photoframe.
We have carefully mixed the modern graphic elements with decorative methods referencing to the Italian cinema of the 1960s-1970s. They invoke a sense of freedom, love, hedonism and pure enjoyment of life.



We have involved one of our design units into this work, we have developed striking decors which fully comprise the atmosphere of the bar. At the same time, we have done it in the lines of the Customer’s budget.



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