This wonderful project needed to be executed in the style of conservative European branding. The project consists of family villas located on the hills near the British International School, Phuket, Thailand. The target audience for the project is aged 42-65, so the style should be restrained and easily understandable for this generation.
brand Identity

Canopy Hills

Logo design
We wanted to incorporate Thai national character into the project, which is why we used descriptors in the Thai language, as well as the silhouette of the recognizable pagoda roof. The client settled on a logo with a descriptor in the form of Thai script.
Logo options
Approved logo
Brand Identity
We aimed to capture the atmosphere of a paradise spot with breathtaking views of the valley. We used Thai patterns as corporate elements and created a complete set of brand materials necessary for a successful sales launch, as well as for the project's future operation.
Website development
Based on the corporate style of Canopy Hills, we have created a concise and cozy website that provides detailed information about the project for potential investors.

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