Several options for the chocolate line name were offered to the client, among which he chose "Chock-it up".

Gorevoy & Chock-it up

Packaging design
The task was to develop a logo for the Gorevoy chocolate house and packaging design for the "Chock-it up" chocolate line. The task was multi-level, as it included naming for the chocolate line. The first stage was to develop the naming.
The brand name idea was formed from the English slang expression "check-it up," which means "check" or "take a look." We changed the vowel in the first word and got a playful name with the meaning "check, take a chocolate bar." The chocolate line brand was targeted at young adults aged 25-42, and the client's main reference for packaging design was the "Ritter Sport" chocolate.
Logo variations
Approved logo
Since "Chock-it up" is the name of the chocolate line, we decided to start the development with a logo for the Gorevoy chocolate house. When creating the logo, we followed several principles. Since different types of products would be produced under this brand, we decided to create a universal and neutral logo that would not attract too much attention from the design of a particular brand and its packaging, and would also fit well into the design of different types and moods of packaging. Here are the options we provided to the client.
Packaging design
After studying the chocolate bar market, we realized that all the most successful and memorable products are based not so much on packaging design as on a memorable brand image, examples of which are given below. We tried to create a recognizable brand image for "Chock-it-up" that would not change its appearance, regardless of the type of chocolate and packaging design. Such an approach works for gradual memorization and brand recognition.
The client chose concept #2, which we developed in the design of the chocolate flavor line.

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