A unique brand which combines three projects in one: a photostudio, a dress rental and a space where people can unleash their creativity. We have managed to unite three aspects of the Concept Content Company, emphasize the main message to the audience and to project it in the brand identity.


The number three is a key element of the CoCoCo brand. Visually, the logo divides into three parts both vertically and horizontally. This feature is an interesting reference to the fundamental law of the harmonious photography, the rule of thirds.


The brand’s typography conveys lightness and freshness because we have used simple fonts without any serifs and unnecessary decorative elements. There is no heaviness, only space for creativity!
The main elements are the first letters of the name repeated three times. The pattern duplicates multiple times in signature brand shades. This effect invokes associations with glossy magazines and Andy Warhol’s pop-art.
Brand attributes
The visual identity is easily transposed to the company’s business cards and other brand products. The essence of freshness, lightness and creativity always follows along.
Colatteral examples
The use of the brand identity’s elements provides the merch with the effect of instant recognition and the feeling of complete authenticity. The target audience of the brand is represented by young women, that’s why they will use the stylish products of the brand with pleasure.
Aiming to highlight the headlines, we have used a signature element - watercolour strokes in the backround. Watercolour allowed us to develop soft, airy, almost transparent tints which express the atmosphere of the studio’s work.
We have managed to combine all three aspects of the Concept Content Company, emphasize the core message and project it in the brand identity. Bright colors, light and fresh tints work great together with the idea of the brand. They are also very popular with the target audience - young people aiming to create a trendy and cool content and striving to implement their boldest ideas.



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