Drakonis Siskhli

Naming / Brand Identity / Packaging Design
The client approached us with a task to develop a brand name for a Georgian wine, along with a logo, brand identity, and packaging design, considering that this brand is being created for the Chinese market.
We drew inspiration from the meanings in Chinese culture and selected sacred Chinese animals, among which the dragon holds a special place. The direct analogy between wine and blood led us to a combination that was unequivocally approved by the client - "Blood of the Dragon" or in Georgian, "Drakonis Siskhli."
In cases where the ultimate goal is packaging and label design, the client wants to see how the logo will be realized from the very beginning. Therefore, we propose presenting logo options in one presentation alongside packaging design concepts to demonstrate how they will work together.
Logo and Label Design Concept
Logo versions
Wine Bottle Design Concepts
Based on the chosen logo variation and label design concept, we have developed a comprehensive system for the brand identity, creating an expressive and memorable Georgian wine brand with its own unique idea and character.
Brand Identity and Label Design

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