Ecoroom, a manufacturer of construction materials, has been present in the Russian market for a long time and is widely represented in network stores specializing in the sale of construction materials.
Packaging Design and Brand Identity


They have a wide range of products, including paints, primers, adhesives, sealants, cleaners, and more. The task was to redesign the outdated logo, develop a brand identity, and create a new look for the Ecoroom product line.
The first stage involved redesigning the existing logo. We proposed several logo redesign options, and the client chose Option #1.
Redesign options
Old logo and packaging design
Approved logo
Brand Identity
Based on the approved logo, we developed a vibrant and modern brand identity. We retained the color scheme to maintain continuity in the new design. Our goal was not to create an entirely new brand but to make a recognizable, contemporary version of the existing one.
Packaging Design
We created several packaging design concepts, including concepts for the main product line and the more eco-friendly "only eco" line. The client was satisfied with the developed concepts and approved Concept 2 for the main product line and Concept 3 for the eco-friendly line.
Based on the selected concepts, we developed solutions for different types of packaging and product variations. Here, we will showcase the packaging layout adaptation guidelines.
Catalog Design
The client also requested us to design a catalog for the upcoming product line.

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