Global Drive has over 50 stores offering products for active recreation. The task was to develop a corporate identity and demonstrate how it would work within the network's stores, using one of the stores in Moscow as an example.

Global Drive

Logo Redesign
We proposed several options for redesigning the logo. We focused on the typography as the symbol is registered as a trademark. One of the options appealed to the client.
Redesign options
Approved logo
Logo before redesign
Corporate Identity
We developed a style for in-store displays, as well as merchandise for employees and souvenirs.
3D Visualizations
In our proposed concept, we divided the product placement into summer and winter sections. Some of the store's inventory is seasonal, while others are consistently present in the display areas. For example, boats and motors are always in demand and are therefore featured in both displays. The remaining seasonal products are either moved to the warehouse during the off-season (such as ATVs and snowmobiles) or grouped together with other seasonal items (such as relocating bicycles from the central display to the winter sports section).

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