The customer came with the brand name Killer Bear and indicated that it was necessary to create a bright and friendly beer brand. We took this task as a challenge and started working on a set of services that included package design and corporate identity.
Packaging design

Killer bear

Logo & packaging concepts
In the process of developing the logo, which is the foundation of the whole design system, we offered examples of packaging design for each logo to make it easier for the customer to choose from the proposed options. At this stage, we managed to approve the logo, but the customer asked for several more packaging design concepts.
Concept #1
A strict and restrained logo with a graphic bear head. Devoid of small details and unusual in its shape, the sign will be perfectly readable and remembered in any size. The brand name and descriptor are typed in a circle, forming a logo in the style of a classic emblem. The golden color for accents emphasizes the rigor and high quality of the product.
Concept #2
The massive and brutal image of a bear ready to attack is provided with a font similar in mood and logic, creating a solid and weighty composition. The red color complements the image and creates an emphasis on the fact that this is not just a bear, but a killer bear.
Concept #3
A bright and deliberately cartoon image of a teddy bear with a chef's cleaver will not be able to go unnoticed, no matter what environment it is placed in. The playful font continues the style of graphics, and the color, obviously unusual for a bear, makes the image as memorable as possible.
Brand Identity
After we finally approved the packaging and label design concept, as well as the entire product line in colors, we set out to develop a corporate identity that would change the attitude of the brand name from belligerent and threatening to friendly and welcoming. Take a look at what we came up with.

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