Naming and Identity
We were approached by a company with extensive experience in organizing events, including corporate and entertainment ones, to develop a brand name and corporate identity for a newly formed agency that aims to become one of the leading event agencies on the island of Bali.
In Polynesian culture, the monkey is considered a sacred animal, and the most common species on the island of Bali is the macaque. This little monkey appealed to everyone, and without much deliberation, the brand name "MOCACA" was approved.
We developed four completely different logo concepts, and the client chose the first option.
Logo versions
Approved version of the logo
Corporate Identity
In the corporate identity, we further developed and expanded on the ideas and motifs from the logo, creating a mystical talisman that embodies qualities such as teamwork, creativity, uniqueness, and the spirit of celebration and carnival.
The pattern is based on the style and geometry of the logo, featuring alternating brand colors. The pattern can be used in various brand materials, such as exhibition stands, photo zones (backgrounds), printed materials, promotional products, etc. Individual elements of the pattern and transformed forms can also be used, not necessarily the entire pattern.
We have designed two types of stickers - classic round stickers and rectangular stickers in the brand's color scheme for MOCACA. The rectangular version can also be used for branding equipment (cables) as a flag. For this purpose, during production, the sticker area should be made non-adhesive and an additional area of about 1-2 cm should be added on the left side, which will stick around the cable, creating a kind of "flag."

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