We were approached by a company from Sumatra, Indonesia to create an umbrella brand for the company called Permata Hati. We needed to develop a logo and corporate identity, taking into consideration that this brand will be used by a private clinic, a chain of pharmacies and clinical laboratories.

Permata Hati

Logo Redesign
As a metaphor for the logo, we chose the image of a mother's love for a baby, which also reflects the translation of the brand name from Indonesian. We provided the client with several variants of the logo and color maps. As a reference point, the client provided us with a version of the logo that he designed himself. Our task was to execute it on a new and better design level.
Redesign options
Approved logo
Logo before redesign
Brand Identity
Corporate identity for Permata Hati, a company operating in the healthcare sector with a diverse range of competencies, including pharmacies, clinics, and laboratories. In crafting the corporate identity, we aimed to capture the company's spirit of innovation and friendliness, setting it apart from competitors and creating a memorable style.

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