We were tasked with developing a modern brand image for a network of smoking accessories stores. The scope of work included corporate identity, brand book, and retail design of the retail point.
Corporate identity and brand book

Smoke point

Corporate identity
In this style, we tried to create a modern and trendy brand image that will be well-perceived by the target audience of the stores. We supplemented the minimalist corporate style with "informal" elements to create a more fashionable and interesting brand image. Depending on the situation and environment, the style can be quite concise, but if necessary, it can be easily adapted to the audience that wants more individuality and diversity.
Brand book
The task of the brand book is to provide precise guidelines for working with the corporate style in terms of offline and online media production. When a client wants to be sure that the style will be implemented exactly as intended, they order the development of a brand book. We offer to familiarize ourselves with some fragments of the developed brand book.

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