Under mood

We were reached by the massmarket brand of underwear and casual clothes. Under mood chain stores will soon be located at the popular shopping malls and will compete with the well-known retail underwear brands.
Our branding lab Kilev Lab developed the name and the logo of the company, as well as the brand identity and the brand collateral. All of the results were put in the brand guidelines and were presented to the Customer.
Under mood is the brand of stylish and democratic women’s clothing and underwear. The central idea of the brand is that the Under mood customer always looks new. She never resembles a “yesterday” image. She always turns her mood into a new look.



The name of the brand Under mood explains itself. We have reflected the idea of the brand’s name in a short statement: “Mood makes 0ur day, but clothes bring up our mood!” Any given day can become the best one with Under mood, you should just find the right look!



We proposed a plain and simple version of the logo - letter U curved in a smile.



From the standpoint of the brand identity, the clothing store requires a wider colour pallette than usual, because the constant feeling of novelty and freshness is key to customer attraction. That’s why we have chosen the tints that work great together with the basic colours of the visual identity, they complement it and expand the possibilities on how the brand decorates its products.



We have worked out 2 standard compositions to ensure that the brand conveys a resembling image through its printed products and on the Web. A defined composition is the element of the brand identity as crucial as the logo and the typography. The regular use of the composition will highly contribute to the recognition of the brand.





A clothing chain store requires a wide range of media in order to function well: labels, promo posters, catalogues, uniforms, shoppers and many more brand items.
We’ve designed two options of the entrance’s composition: the first designed specifically for the malls and the second for the street retail.



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