Villa Corsica Hotel is located in the town of Novofedorovka in Crimea. The hotel has been successfully accommodating guests for several years, but the client was not satisfied with the existing brand identity as it did not align with the design of the new building and restaurant at the hotel.
Hotel rebranding

Villa corsica

Task: to update the logo and execute a new, more premium and corresponding to the new design of the hotel, corporate identity, which will include web design, in order to further develop the site.
Logo redesign
Two designers from our studio worked on the logo redesign project. The first designer was tasked with revamping the existing logo, while the second designer was tasked with creating entirely new logo concepts, offering a complete contrast to what was previously used.
Logo redesign options
Approved logo
Logo before the redesign
New concept options
Brand identity
To create a cohesive style, we extracted a spiral element from the logo, around which our gecko is curled. This element will be used both as a standalone design element and as a trajectory for creating design treatments. For visual elements, we chose natural shadows that evoke a sense of sunny weather, warmth, and enhance the aesthetics of the image.
Web design
We also developed a new visual concept for the hotel's website. The website style became cleaner, more refined, and evokes positive emotions among visitors, allowing for a better representation of the hotel's services and amenities.

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