Chapter 17. Web Design

The significance of a website in the age of online commerce is invaluable. It is essential not only how it looks but also how it functions. A website has evolved into a full-fledged platform for negotiations, lead generation, and the sale of goods and services. What should a website be like? First and foremost, it should be logical. It must precisely fulfill the business's objectives. Visitors should feel comfortable and find it intuitive to locate specific information. Pages should load quickly, and all questions and objections must be addressed and resolved.
Before moving on to website development, I always recommend creating a prototype, usually in black and white. Its purpose is to determine the customer's path to the data capture form. Website design and visual solutions can be developed during the brand identity development stage, but starting coding without an approved prototype is premature.
Even if you have no immediate plans to sell anything, and your goal is to introduce potential customers to the brand, inform them about products and services, consider future promotion from the very beginning. In this section, I recommend involving experienced SEO specialists to develop a primary optimization project during the prototype development.
What does this mean?
If you want your website to be easily found by potential clients on search engines like Google and Yahoo, you should immediately find out what queries potential customers currently use to find products and services similar to yours. This process is called compiling a semantic core. SEO specialists provide this service, along with writing SEO texts that respond to relevant queries. However, these texts need to be placed on the appropriate pages, so their placement should be considered during prototype development.
Landing page for real estate developer
Sarcasm store
Online clothing store
Corporate website for GR-agency
What idea am I trying to convey?
Think about how you will address website promotion tasks during the prototype development stage. By finalizing the prototype, you can easily adapt the developed design to it and obtain a beautiful, functional, and branded website.

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