Chapter 33. Personal Branding

This is where my journey in branding began, which allowed me to look at this business sphere differently and led me to write this book.
A personal brand is capital. The famous quote, "First, you work on your reputation, then your reputation works for you," encapsulates the essence of creating a personal brand with a full-fledged success story that ultimately works in your favor – a lifelong story.
What some hasty infopreneurs sell as "creating a personal brand" is nothing more than setting up an Instagram profile and gaining a banal set of followers. Real personal branding, beyond creating meaningful and visual identity, involves the process of building a business reputation. A skillfully crafted personal brand is often "umbrella-like," meaning people start believing that any company created under this brand will be successful.
Notable examples of contemporary personal brands include Kanye West, Pavel Durov, and Mark Zuckerberg. On the domestic front, there are personal brands of the Urgan family and Denis Simachev, who has made a name for himself as a person and as a warm and cozy ship – or more precisely, a bar. A personal brand emerges where a person's charisma, the products and services they produce, and their personal qualities and creativity are inseparably integrated, creating an indistinguishable bond with the brand.
A personal brand is built around a vibrant personality, regardless of the subject's desire. One cannot become a vibrant personality; they can only be born that way. Therefore, in my deep conviction, a personal brand cannot be created; it can only be packaged by developing its meaningful and visual aspects.

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