Chapter 5. Manifesto

This document will allow you to gather like-minded individuals into the company's team, define your goals and principles, and formulate your values, mission, and aspirations in a unified text.
I used this approach when creating the brand "Snowfinches," a regional high-end restaurant that later transformed into a chain. At that time, my task involved more than just branding. I needed to develop a concept, package it, form a team, and launch the restaurant in the shortest possible time. We had only a few weeks left until the opening, and we were actively recruiting staff. Before starting training, I gathered all the candidates for roles as waiters, managers, and hostesses and read the manifesto of the "Snowfinches" restaurant brand to them.
The Text of the "Snowfinches" Restaurant Brand Manifesto:
I sincerely believe that long-lasting relationships of any kind can only be built on the basis of shared values.
Defining the system of these values as the foundation of the brand platform and embedding them in various documents allows forming a circle of loyal brand followers, starting with the team.
The brand manifesto is a powerful tool that helps the brand define its mission, values, and uniqueness. It serves as a kind of spiritual and cultural code of the company, describing its ideals, principles, and aspirations. However, the significance of the brand manifesto is not limited to external communications. It also plays a crucial role in the internal organization of the company and affects its service.
1. Inspiration and Orientation
The brand manifesto serves as a source of inspiration for the company's employees. It helps create a common purpose and vision that motivate and guide collective efforts. The manifesto becomes a guiding star that helps employees understand who they are and what they do in the context of the brand. It fosters a sense of belonging and importance, contributing to more effective work and the delivery of high-quality service.
2. Cultural Identity
The brand manifesto reflects the cultural values and attitudes of the company. It helps create and maintain a unified culture within the company based on shared principles and goals. This contributes to forming a strong and cohesive team, where employees share common values and strive for common objectives. Such a culture directly influences the service, as employees who strongly identify with the brand's values are more likely to provide high-quality and consistent service.
3. Contents of the Manifesto
The brand manifesto can include a range of elements that help define its objectives, values, and commitments. It can describe the brand's ideals and goals, its mission and contribution to society, as well as the principles that guide the company's activities. The manifesto may contain clearly formulated brand values that reflect its uniqueness and what makes it special. Additionally, it can describe the target audience the brand aims to serve and the promise it makes to its customers.
4. Developing Job Descriptions Based on the Manifesto
The brand manifesto can serve as a basis for developing job descriptions for employees. It helps specify expectations and work standards based on the brand's values and principles. Each job description can be formulated in light of how the employee can contribute to achieving the brand's mission and goals, as well as how they can reflect the brand's values in their work and customer service. This helps create a unified vision and quality standards for all employees, positively impacting the service provided to customers.
The brand manifesto plays an important role in shaping the culture and orientation of the company, as well as influencing its service. It inspires and motivates employees, helps to create a common goal and vision, forms cultural identity and work standards. The manifesto can also serve as a basis for the development of job descriptions that will help employees to specify expectations and reflect brand values in their work and customer service. Understanding and applying the brand manifesto within the company helps to create a solid foundation for brand success and provides a higher level of service to customers.

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