Chapter 6. Brand Metaphor

To better understand the importance of this stage, know that a metaphor allows for logical ideas for naming (brand development) and logo symbol creation. The brand metaphor is a concise associative representation of the brand's essence, its qualities, and advantages. Let's explore the formation of a metaphor using an example of a children's event agency.
What is the essence of the children's event organization service? It allows children and their parents to celebrate significant occasions together. For parents, it brings freedom and joy, as they are relieved of the burden of organizing the celebration. Such agencies professionally do what many parents cannot due to lack of experience.
For me, the association with magic is evident. Just like wizards with spells and a wave of a magic wand, they organize fantastic events in a matter of seconds. Children's party programs often contain magic tricks and illusions. All in all, my brand metaphor is magic, wizardry, and enchantment.
Now, let's explore potential names and logo symbols: Enchanto (derived from "enchantment," exploring words related to magic and enchantment in ancient languages, fairy tales, myths, and epics). Gandalf (an endless number of names of famous wizards, surely there is a resonant, friendly one available for registration). EnikiBeniki (variations of different spells and incantations). As for logo symbols, consider magical wands, mystical runes, or fairy-tale symbols. Platforms like Pinterest and Google can help you find ideas for creating such symbols.
Describe potential metaphors for your brand and brainstorm possible names and logo symbols.
A brand metaphor is a powerful tool in brand creation that helps establish an emotional and symbolic connection between the brand and its target audience. The brand metaphor represents a conceptual representation or image that conveys the brand's values, ideas, and personality. It plays an important role in developing the brand's identity and in creating visual elements, such as the logo, that are based on this metaphor.
1. Developing the Brand Metaphor
  • Explore the brand and its values: To develop a brand metaphor, it is essential to fully understand its values, mission, and uniqueness. Explore what makes your brand special and what emotions and associations you want to evoke in your target audience.
  • Analyze the target audience: Study your target audience and understand which images, symbols, and metaphors may be relevant to them. Reflect on how you want your audience to associate your brand and what metaphor can convey these associations effectively.
  • Seek inspiration: Examine other brands and industries, explore their metaphors and symbolism. Ideas can be found in art, nature, culture, or other fields that may have a connection to your brand and its values.
2. Developing Logo Concepts Based on the Metaphor
  • Symbolic representation: The brand metaphor can serve as a basis for creating a symbolic representation in the form of a logo. Visual elements such as shapes, colors, fonts, and textures can be chosen with the metaphor in mind to convey emotional and symbolic significance of your brand.
  • Uniqueness and memorability: Developing a logo based on the brand metaphor helps create a unique and memorable image for your brand. The logo should be simple yet meaningful, effectively conveying the key aspects of the metaphor.
  • Consistency with the brand: The logo should harmoniously fit into the overall identity and style of your brand, based on the metaphor. It should be in line with your values, convey the desired emotions, and create a unified visual connection with your target audience.
  • Adaptability and versatility: A logo designed based on a brand metaphor must be flexible and scalable in order to work successfully in different contexts and on different platforms. It should maintain its readability and recognizability in various sizes and formats.
The brand metaphor is a powerful tool for developing brand identity and visual elements, such as a logo. It helps to convey the values, ideas and personality of the brand, as well as to create an emotional and symbolic correspondence with the target audience. Developing a metaphor requires studying the brand and its values, analyzing the target audience and finding inspiration. Based on the metaphor, a logo is being developed that symbolically reflects the brand and its uniqueness. The correct use of metaphor in logo design helps to create a unique, memorable and consistent brand image that effectively identifies the brand and connects it with its target audience.

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